30 Days Free Unlimited Account

Every single account gets 30 days to test out the software, set it up, make sure it is right for you completely FREE.  You can do that now in about 2 minutes!!

Pay Per UseOur pay per use structure ensures you only pay for our service, when you make money!

  •  You pay a small fee when you actually sell a formula to a patient

  • If you go on vacation, you are not charged like other services.  If you have a slow month, you will pay less.

  • There is no minimum each month

  • You can cancel anytime

  • If you are running a dispensary with a lot of herbs, we will save you hundreds of dollars per month in administrative work

Clinic Dispensary
$0.50- $0.95 per Formula
No Contract
Build Formulas
Manage Patients
Manage Shipping
Manage Catalog & Herbs
All Reports
Sell Products
Manage Orders
Manage Inventory
Run Promotions
Import/Export Functions
1 Practitioner Account Included, Extra Prac. @ $5/month
1-50 $0.95 per Formula
50+ $0.50 per Formula
School Dispensary
$0.40- $0.80 cents per Formula
All Clinic Dispensary Features
No Contract
Unlimited Student Accounts
Unlimited Supervisor Accounts
Account Management
Formula Approvals
Unlimited Student Accounts
1-50 $0.80 per Formula
50+ $0.40
Enterprise Dispensary
Call For Details
All Clinic Dispensary Features
Unlimited Practitioners
Can sell to other clinics
Custom Branding
Shipping Integration
Credit Card Processor Integration
Custom Development