The clinic version has specific functionality to manage the dispensary of a single health care clinic, whose purpose is to sell to patients. You can only sell to your own patients with this option.

The main purpose of the software is to manage a herb dispensary.   This includes entering orders, preparing orders, printing proper labels and info sheets, and managing inventory, among other functions.   You can also manage and sell products through the system.

The school version will be launched in 2018, and includes specific functions to manage students and supervisors.   Students are able to enter orders and have them verified or approved by a supervisor, before the order is fulfilled or sent off for processing.

The enterprise edition includes specific functionality to run a dispensary for third party practitioners.  This type of setup allows you to build a large scale dispensary and a much larger business.   If you are interested in this option, please contact us.

You can currently build formulas using raw herbs, granules, tinctures and concentrates.   We have specific formula building options for each method.  

No, you can choose which herb type(s) you want to dispense.  

To save time, you can save formulas as templates, and then when you are ready to use it, you can populate all the information regarding the formula into the formula builder.  You can then modify your template by changing amounts, adding herbs, deleting herbs etc.  

Once you have an account, you can upload your herb information into the system, along with your prices.   You can then go to your Herbs Page, and search for any herb and modify it.   You can store and update the following information at any time.   We will also provide you a list of about 750 herbs with all 4 herb names.

Latin Name
Chinese Character
English Name
Pinyin Name
Alcohol %
Purchase Price
Selling Price
Selling Price Ranges (if any)
Herb Type

You can accept payment from your patients initially using paypal or authorize.net.  You can also use your other Credit Card Terminal if you are accepting payment in person.   Patients can also send you an email money transfer (if available).   We will integrate other credit card processors as demand increases such as Square, Apple Pay.

We have integrated credit card processing.   You just need to enter your processor account information in your account, and you are good to go!  

More geared towards the Enterprise edition, smaller dispensaries may want to use this feature to keep track of earnings from practitioners who are working at the clinic.  The enterprise dispensary edition is for practitioners who want to make a profit from the order and have their patient pay.

The owner of the dispensary should set the prices for what they need to earn on every sale, and then let the practitioners mark up the order for the patient as their profit.  

All markup information is tracked for each practitioner on a credit balance page.  Practitioners can request their profit using a form, and the admin can process the requests.   Practitioners can also purchase using their credits.  

Yes, you can have multiple practitioners, but they must be part of your clinic.  This has to be clearly represented on your website or listed with a governing body or through an accredited association.   There is one admin user and each practitioner gets their own account to track order, patients etc.  

There are 2 options for shipping;  flat rate based on region and real time rates.      
For real time rates, you will need to enter your login information to connect to your shipping carrier and then it will generate real time rates.

Canada Post
DHL Express
Correios Brazil
RR Donnelley
DHL eCommerce
FedEx Smartpost
UPS Mail Innovations

Deutsche Post
DHL Germany

GLS Germany

Hermes UK
Mondial Relay
GLS France

DHL Express
DPD Germany
DHL Benelux
Posten Norge

Australia Post
DHL Express
New Zealand Post


Asia and Africa
DHL Express

Yes, everything is hosted on our servers, meaning you don’t have to worry about installing, updating or managing anything.

Yes our servers are secure, and we host on HIPAA compliant servers.  You can read more about our server security and how we protect your information here.



Yes you can sell and manage products in the system.   The system is not setup to sell products or herbs to the general public.   We will be adding this type of functionality, so you can set up a webstore and sell specific products to the public.  Please stay tuned!  

Yes you can tag a patient to a product as if you are prescribing this product to the patient.   It will show up in the patient’s order history.

Yes, patients can pay directly through the system.

You can send out an email, text message or both to the patient.  There is a link provided which links to a secure page for your patient to enter their credit card details.   Both the admin and practitioner are able to send followup reminder emails.   The system also generates a payment link which is accessible to the practitioner and admin to send to the patient in case there is any problems receiving the notifications.

We added functionality where the system will save your work every minute while you are working.  If you close your browser, get kicked out, have a power failure  etc, you can find your work under “my templates” and then continue where you left off.   

Please see our server security page for more information.  

Every formula comes with a label which is generated by the system.   This can be printed on a label printer.   Initially there will only be some standard sizes available.  Data which is merged onto the label include, logo, practitioner information, patient information, formula name, dosage instructions, additional information, herb names, herb quantities, etc.   

Clinic Version – You must use our label for now, but you can customize what is on it, and add your logo.  We will be expanding our offering in this area to let you have your own custom labels.

Enterprise Edition – Create your own unique labels

Generally regular printers are not a very good option because the labels are generally poor quality and don’t support the proper label sizes and rolls.   You can use any printer you want, but we recommend either purchasing a dymo, brother or if you want a proper label printer, you choose Zebra or Epson Label Printers.    

For every herb lot#, we generate a barcode which can be printed and affixed to your herbs.  When it comes time to fulfilling the order, you can scan the barcode, it will update the herb with the correct lot#, so you do not have to enter it in manually.   You can also use barcode scanning to enter inventory into the system by scanning a barcode of a herb, and then updating the information.  This will save you time instead of entering in each herb one by one.   

You do not need to use a barcode scanner, when you fulfil an order, the oldest lot# is automatically selected, but you can use a drop down box to select a different lot# if that isn’t the one you are using.   You can turn lot#’s on and off so the drop down box doesn’t get too large.   


*updated info regarding scanners will be posted shortly*

You can use any barcode reader which supports  .   They range in price from $20 to $1000+ based on function and form.     You can search on Amazon.   


Lot# tracking is optional.  If you do not want to track lot#’s, you will initially set a default lot# for every herb, with a total quantity available as 9999999.

Yes, if an item is out of stock, the practitioner can order it as a back order.   It will show as out of stock when creating a formula or ordering a product, and will also show in the cart as ‘backordered’.   In the admin, there is a special tab for backordered items.   You can also mark an order as backordered after it has been placed or part of an order.  

Not Yet, this will be a feature that will be coming shortly.  With patient accounts, patients can pay for orders, view invoices and receipts and soon automatically order refills.  


Only the admin can see stock information by viewing their inventory report.   If an item is out of stock and the dispensary cannot fulfil the order, an “out of stock” warning will appear for the practitioner.   They can choose to modify the formula and choose an available herb or they can order the formula on back order.

Yes, you have access to reports which include, Patient Reports, Order Reports, Sales Tax Reports, Markup Reports, Herb Reports.   We plan on adding more reports with graphs in the future to better understand your dispensary.

Please go here to see current prices.