Build a Large Scale Dispensary

The Enterprise Edition sets you up to compete with other large scale dispensaries.  This Version includes all features included in the Clinic Version, with additional features geared towards running a dispensary for health care businesses & health care practitioners.


  • We are currently accepting new Dispensaries based on Region.  Please secure your region as soon as possible as we will not saturate the market with our software.

Exclusive Features

Sell to other Businesses

This one feature lets you build a large dispensary business. Build a large scale dispensary with our Enterprise Edition and sell to other health care providers.  Our software allows you to expand into new markets and ship worldwide entirely integrated.

Shipping Integration

Integrate your preferred shipping carrier with your account to provide your users with real time shipping rates.   We support a wide range of shipping companies.

Custom Payments

We integrate your preferred credit card processor so payments go directly to your bank account.  We also custom link to your PCI compliant infrastructure to store and process credit card data.

Brand Integration

Our white label software allows you add your own brand customization to the application. This includes strategic placement of your logo, header customization, color matching, menu updates, adding static information among other elements.

Custom Programming

Our team of programmers are working every day to add more features and benefits to our platform.   We do custom programming to provide additional functions which may not be included in our core system.   Please contact us for any custom requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs.   It is very likely at this point, we have your features/functions already planned.

Preferential Treatment

We are constantly launching new software and features to enhance your product offering.   All Enterprise white label clients receive preferential treatment in terms of service, access to features, and custom development.