Benefits to our Dispensary Management Software include saving your time and making your more money.   Built for Herbalists who want to streamline and expedite the dispensing process; our dispensary management software is built to keep you organized.   Please read some of the other main benefits of our dispensary software.

User Friendly

We have designed the software to be user friendly.  A simple and concise navigation system lets you quickly perform functions and manage your entire operations smoothly.

Save Time

We automate as many functions as possible, and all your data is saved. This means ordering formulas is simple and fast, and you can save any formula to re-use over and over again.  It all comes down to saving you time.

Understand your Business

Understanding how your dispensary is functioning is the key to success.  You get access to reports to show you how much you are spending and earning and how your dispensary is running.   You will always know exactly how much inventory you have for every herb, and its value/cost.  We will even remind you and provide a list of herbs which have low inventory.

Increase Profits & Sales

Organization and Automation means you can be more lean and profitable.   Take things to the next level by rolling out a white label verison with our Enterprise Dispensary Solution.