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chinese medicine software for herbalists

Chinese Medicine Software

The Chinese Medicine software manages a herb dispensary.  It is not limited to only Chinese herbs, but supports any herb.    Some of the advantages of the Chinese Medicine Software include;  Manage a Clinic Dispensary  Manage a Large Scale Dispensary Full Inventory Management with Barcode Scanning + Lot# Tracking  Manage all Herbs and Products Set...

dispensary pricing strategy

Dispensary Pricing Strategy

How do we price herbs? How do you devise the right pricing strategy? The first step in figuring out how much to charge is to actually determine your true cost.   Here are the main costs associated with preparing herbs. Herbs Purchase Price Our system allows you to upload the cost for  your products and...

Enterprise Dispensary

Dispensary Management SystemLily Software has launched our SaaS Online Dispensary Management System. Our software will change the way practitioners and dispensaries operate.   We are the first full suite dispensary management system for Health Care Dispensaries.    Now, you can harness the power of our software, to build your business and make more money. Who...

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